I'm interested in having you build me a guitar. What do I do?
Send me a EMAIL outlining the guitar you would like to have built. Please be specific.  "I'd like a flying V with HOT  pickups" isn't
good enough. The more specs you can give me the more accurate quote I can give you. I'm willing to help you work out details,
but, PLEASE have a good idea of what your looking for.

I need just a custom neck or body made, can you do that?
I only do complete builds. I'm a small shop so all my time is dedicated to that.

I have a neck and or body already. Can I use them I'm my build?
No. I have standard jigs and templates setup for existing models. Deviating from that slows down the process.  

I would like for you to build me a body and neck only. I would like to finish the guitar myself. Is that possible?
No. In the end my name goes on the guitar. Having a guitar out there that I didn't complete puts me at risk . I need to know every
guitar I send out into the world is 100%

I have the pickups I want to use already. Can I ship them to you to use in my build?
Yes, but I will accept only new, un-installed pickups. No used pickups. Ive had pickups arrive DOA in the past and its not a fun

What headstock shapes do you offer?
My modern 6 in line shape HERE and 3x3 shape HERE are the standard shapes I offer.

I would like a specific Fender, Gibson, or whoever headstock shape. Is that possible?
No. All companies headstock's are trademarked. I'm not Fender therefore I will not use their headstock shape.

I would like a certain color not listed on your Price List page. Are any other colors available?
In order to keep the Standard series prices low, only the listed colors are available at that price point. If you would like a custom
one off color please email me. Be prepared for a additional cost of at least $250.00

Do you offer Nitro finishes?
Not at this time. All finishes are poly based lacquer.

What specs do you need in order to send me a quote?
As many as you can give me. The more accurate you are the more accurate I can be. Including other things such as style of
music you'll be playing, bands you like etc REALLY helps me fill in the gaps.

What type of payments do you accept?
I accept PayPal, all major credit cards online and US Postal Money orders.

Am I required to pay for my build in full? Can I just send a deposit to get started?
Payment in full is not required, but you can if you like. I require a deposit of 1/2 to start, with the balance plus shipping due upon
completion. For higher priced builds I require 1/2 down, 1/4 half way through the build and the final 1/4 upon completion.

Whats the best.......  (insert whatever your thinking about here)??
There is no best anything. If you need to haul dirt you don't buy a Ferrari. You buy a truck. Getting the right parts and woods for
your build depends on what your needs are. Once they are together they are THE BEST for your particular situation.

I heard such and such wood sounds better than blah blah blah wood. What do YOU think?
I have opinion just like everyone else. I developed mine by playing and trying everything under the sun. Do the same and you'll
have a great idea of what wood and parts do for a guitar. Having said that, i'll be happy to give you suggestions if needed!

How long will my build take?
Standard series take 3-4 weeks, 1/2 Customs 4-8 weeks, and Full Customs 7-?? weeks. Build times also depend on my current
workload. Gloss finishes add at least 3-4 weeks on to the build.
  • What pickups are available?
We can install just about any pickup or electronics package you like. Costs vary depending on the package and manufacturer.
My Standard series come stock with some nice sounding Alnico 5 single coils and humbuckers. You may upgrade to anything
you like for an additional charge.
  • I live in the area and would like to stop by and help with my build. Is that possible?
No. I usually have 3-4 builds going at once. There is no way for me to know exactly when I'm working on your guitar.  My
insurance company would freak out too.
  • Do you work on other guitars or just do custom builds?
Yes, I do a limited amount of repairs when I have time. Email me with your issue and we'll try and work you in the schedule.
  • Can I change my specs once Ive placed a order?
Once your order is placed I start ordering parts and supplies within 24 hours. Sometimes sooner. Since I don't stock 95% of my
supplies this keeps my overhead low and my prices down. If its a minor spec change its possible. Something major like a body
color, wood, neck etc can be changed, but a additional charge will apply. I will send you a spec sheet which you will approve
before you send me a deposit or anything gets ordered.