Built for James Taylor of Ford Motor Company

1 piece maple body

Maple fretboard with routed fret lines

Maple trim to mimic the running boards and tire flairs

Ford F-250  OEM tailgate logo

Ford F-250  OEM quarter panel badge inlayed into the fretboard

Harley  OEM metal badge (headstock) and Harley color pinstripes

Ford black paint, painted by  Jeff Bucholtz at Schmidt Ford in Thiensville, WI

Dunlop 220D slide dual exhaust "Exhaust Pipes"

Mighty Mite hardtail

Fender Lace sensor "RED"

DR Black Beauty black coated strings. .011 gauge tuned DADF#AD

Ebony nut

22" scale length

1 vol and 1 tone

Marshall MS-2 battery operated amp. OEM Ford steering column  logo.
Special thanks to Ron Starke and John Shelton for the inspiration and problem solving sessions!