This 1964 Gibson Melody Maker came into my shop in need of a major overhaul. It had been modified
numerous times, so retaining any vintage value wasn't a concern.  The plan was to turn it into something

All the previous pickup routes and control cavity were plugged. Melody Makers have the 1/4 plug on top of
the guitar. It was moved to the side.  The bridge was changed from a Gibson wraparound tail piece to a
Tune'o'matic with the strings going through the body.

A maple burl veneer was added to the front and back of the guitar. A matching piece was added to the
headstock as well.

The pickup configuration and selection is definitely unique. We used 2 FENDER Jazzmaster and 1 FENDER
Jaguar pickups.  Fender and Gibson can co-exist!

On/off mini switches were added for each pickup. Also present is a PRS sweet switch.

There is no master vol or tone.

Rear control cavities were added for the electronics. This eliminated a need for a pickguard and kept the
front nice and clean.

Sperzal locking tuners and new black Gibson logo (not shown) rounded off this great project.