This RGX was the second electric guitar I ever owned.  It was 1987. It originally came with 3 single
coils. I was in a rock band and didn't realize I needed a humbucker in the bridge position. I proceeded
to "sharpen" a screw driver and use it like a chisel to make a humbucker cavity. Well I did a crap job. I
ended up having to glue in dowels so the humbucker ring would have something to screw into. Over
the years it got dropped and generally abused. For the past 15 years it has sat in pieces in my shop.
Now that I have the skills to do it right, I decided to restore the guitar.  The crap HB "route" got
plugged and re-routed.  The neck had white binding which I always hated. I ripped that off and
replaced it with black. While I was there I replaced the white plastic dots with Abalone. A fresh paint
job with PPG Key Lime green metallic and shes up and running again!